Essentials in selecting college courses

Questions to ask when helping students decide what courses to take:

  1. Preparation

    What type of preparation have you had for the course?
    What learning skills have you developed that will help you be successful in your courses?  

  2. Areas to Be Developed

    What academic weaknesses do you wish to strengthen this term?  

  3. Interests

    What sorts of subjects do you find particularly interesting?  

  4. Goals

    What are your future goals and aspirations?
    What courses will be most helpful in realizing your goals?
    In what way do you expect the course to further your goals?  

  5. Skill Development

    What life skills or functional skills do you want to develop over the next few terms?  

  6. Outside Responsibilities

    What outside responsibilities or demands do you need to balance with coursework?
    How much available time and energy do you have for school considering work and family obligations?  

  7. Course Demands

    What is the level of difficulty are you expecting in courses being considered regarding class hours per week, course prerequisites, reading load, projects and assignments, and laboratory work?  

  8. Meeting Requirements

    How do the courses you are considering fulfill requirements (i.e., General Education, university, graduation, major or professional requirements)?

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