Developmental advising goals and process


The goal of developmental advising is to help students clarify interests, skills, attitudes, and values as they relate to the college experience and career/life goals; develop life skills which will facilitate success; experience choice and develop autonomy; experience achievement; and develop purpose and direction. This process encompasses four phases with tasks which take place in each phase. The process is a continual one which may require the advisor and student to re-visit tasks and phases previously encountered. Unlike the advisor role in prescriptive advising, the advising role becomes one of collaboration with the advisee. In this role the advisor must be able to diagnose and prescribe as well as be supportive, empathetic and involved.

I. Assessment

Task 1. Become aware of individual values, abilities, and interests.
Task 2. Clarify life goals based on self-awareness.
Task 3. Explore relationships between life and career goals.
Task 4. Explore the world of work

II. Goal-Setting

Task 5. Clarify career goals.
Task 6. Explore educational combinations leading to life and career goals.

III. Decision-Making

Task 7. Sequence and select the educational combination
Task 8. Schedule courses

IV. Evaluation

Task 9. Evaluate experiences for confirmation or re-direction

Adapted from Advising Skills, Techniques, and Resources, ACT.

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