Developmental advising: A description

  1. Developmental advising is an approach which focuses on students' individuality as they begin to identify and clarify educational, career and life goals and assists them in the development of educational plans to accomplish these goals.
  2. Student, career and adult development theory are the foundation for advising philosophy, objectives and programs.
  3. Practical applications of a developmental advising approach include the establishment of integrated services including orientation, advising, experiential opportunities and career planning.
  4. Developmental advisors will be trained in the knowledge of developmental theory, communication skills reflecting a developmental philosophy, career exploration techniques and a knowledge of the needs of special student populations.
  5. Developmental advising can promote retention since it provides the personal touch that many students need to adjust, accommodate and succeed in the educational process.

Gordon, Virginia N., Ohio State University, Advising Skills, Techniques, and Resources, ACT


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