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Welcome to the WSU advising community!

You are joining a network of over 90 dynamic, caring, and dedicated professionals who value community, professional growth, and excellence in job performance and service to students.
As a new WSU Academic Advisor or Academic Services Officer, your initial training on the University, your advising role and duties, and your department's (or school/college/division/office's) policies and procedures will be through your hiring unit. The ATA's goal is to supplement this training with year-round, timely and relevant offerings for all advisors in various formats. Please review this whole site, including the training descriptions, calendar, certification requirements and Advisor Directory. 
This page is intended to give you information on how to gain access to key advising technology, advisor training, and Advisor Training Academy (ATA) resources and communication channels.  If you are new to advising at WSU, please contact Kate Bernas ( to get started on all you need to know!

Stars 2.0 

Wayne State advisors use the Stars 2.0 platform to schedule, communicate, and initiate advising interventions with their students. Stars 2.0 also provides the academic data used in advising appointments and is a means storing advising notes, comments, documents, and other historical records. A fuller description of Stars 2.0 is found on this site under Advisor Resources - Advising Tools and it is also supported by dedicated website. Each school/college has one or more Stars 2.0 trainers that assist with the onboarding of new advisors. The ATA also supports training of new advisors upon request by contacting Kate Bernas (

ATA Canvas site 

Training announcements and other communications are frequently sent through the ATA Canvas site. In addition, training documents and other resources are stored here for future reference. Complete the New WSU Advisor Form for access.

ATA Listserve 

The ATA listserve provides an additional means of sending emails and other information directly to the WSU advising community. This forum can also be used for cross-campus advisor discussions. Once added, any member of the group can post a question, comment or response to the group through Complete the New WSU Advisor Form to be added.

Advisor directory

The Advisor Directory is an advising community resource for advisors and can also be used by other staff and students. It can be easily found on the ATA homepage. The Directory provides a profile of each advisor's title, contact information, University and professional associations and areas of professional expertise. The directory also allows members to search among these criteria for networking and outreach purposes. To join the directory, please submit the Advisor Directory Survey and send a photo of your choice to Kate Bernas (

WSU Academic Advisors Teams group

This MSTeams group is a place for academic advisors and coaches to share quick questions, provide updates, and ask for input on advising-related matters. There are multiple channels for various concerns and advisors are encouraged to use the group as a "safe space" to reach out for help and support whenever needed. 

Slate and Xtender

Slate is a Customer Relationship Management tool designed and developed exclusively for higher education to be the solution that can handle the breadth and depth of modern admissions and advancement. Slate enables users to review all applications, relationships, test scores, materials and interactions from a unified platform. Often advisors need to review transcripts before they are evaluated by transfer credit or at any point prior to matriculation. Xtender is the function within the Banner platform that allows advisors to access transcripts for matriculated students once they have been scanned and processed. Access information and walkthroughs on how to locate transcripts can be found below.

Slate - Remote advisors will need access to Slate when working with newly admitted FTIACs or transfers from other schools. Complete for advisors access only.

Xtender - The Xtender tool in Banner will allow advisors to retrieve imaged transcripts for transfer student admits. Access is generally included with advisor Banner access. 

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