WSU advisor resources

The most comprehensive source for resources for professional advisors is found on the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) website. In addition to a clearinghouse of member written articles on myriad advising topics and access to its current scholarly journal and electronic magazine, this site provides subscription information for various listserves, research and grant writing support and guidelines, and even help with consultant and speaker services.  While membership is encouraged, many of the resources found on the NACADA site are available for nonmembers as well.

In addition to NACADA, professional advisors should also look to The Mentor for relevant articles on the advising profession. This is a free peer-reviewed scholarly publication published only online.

The resources detailed in this section represent those sites, documents, and tools that best support advisor practice at Wayne State University. Many of the tools require administrative approval to access along with basic training provided through the hiring unit. The links referenced here attempt to provide additional support and training from various sources or to connect advisors to the WSU department that can offer that training and support.

University Advising Center