Academic Advising Council (AAC)


The Wayne State University Academic Advising Council assumes a proactive approach to addressing issues impacting student success at Wayne State University.  Its mission is to aid in the development of a greater understanding of the role of advising in student learning and to strengthen University-wide recognition of the significance of academic advising in the recruitment, retention and academic success of Wayne State University students.

All of our goals and objectives are directly related to the mission statement.  As advisor presence continues to grow across campus it is imperative we have a collective voice as well as provide leadership to the WSU advising community.  The Academic Advising Council provides that connection to each other so we can continue to provide quality advising to our students. 


  • Provide effective leadership to members of the WSU advising community;
  • Raise awareness of the importance of academic advising and its role in recruiting, retaining, and graduating students;
  • Advocate for high quality academic advising experiences for students;
  • Provide a network of advisors and other academic and student affairs professionals at WSU to foster a collaborative environment and ensure student success;
  • Review university and unit policies and procedures to provide constructive recommendations to university administration;
  • Assist in the implementation of advising assessment process to ensure continuous improvement;
  • Promote and facilitating professional development and training for academic advisors;
  • Establish connections with other professional organizations and groups especially those in the state of Michigan involved in higher education;
  • Review regional and national trends in academic advising and implementing best practices.

The WSU-AAC's current leadership is listed below. The council's current by-laws (PDF) and information on its official standing as an allied member of NACADA (PDF) are also available for review.

2019-2020 WSU Academic Advising Council (WSU-AAC) Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President (2019-2020)
Amanda Horwitz

Academic Advisor II
Pre-Med and Health Science Center
1600 Undergraduate Library

President Elect (2019-2020)
Gregory Sikora Mowers
Academic Services Officer II
Office of Student Affairs, College of Nursing
10 Cohn Bldg.

Past President (2019-2020)
Elizabeth Hill
Academic Advisor II
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rm. 2163 Engineering Bldg.
5050 Anthony Wayne Dr.

Secretary (2018-2020)
Corinne Forys
Academic Advisor III
313 577-0769
dz6520@Wayne State University
Department of Psychology
5057 Woodward suite 7205

Treasurer (2019-2021)
Dawn Niedermiller
Academic Advisor I
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy; Dept. of Geology; Dept. of Environmental Science
135 Physics Building

Member-at-Large (2019-2021)
Erin Wiseman
Academic Advisor II
CFPCA Dean's Office
2327 Old Main

Professional Member-at-Large (2018-2020)
Emily Reetz
Academic Advisor II
313 577-2692
Department Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
3116 Engineering Building

Professional Member-at-Large (2019-2021)
Robert Hellar
Academic Services Officer I
EACPHS, 259 Mack Ave.
Suite 1633

Member-at-Large (2018-2020)
Nora Alhussainy 
Academic Advisor II
Department of Biology
1360 Biological Sciences Building

Ex-officio Members

WSU Administration Liaison
Cheryl A. Kollin
Director, University Advising Center
University Advising Center
1600 Undergraduate Library

Chair, Membership and Nominating Committee
Rachel Pawlowski----NACADA Contact
Academic Advisor III
Irvin D. Reid Honors College
2100 Undergraduate Library

Chair, Communication Committee
Desmond Mack
Academic Services Officer I
University Advising Center
1600 Undergraduate Library

Chair, Annual Meeting & Conference
Robert Hellar
Academic Services Officer I
EACPHS, 259 Mack Ave.
Suite 1633

Chair, Training Committee 
Ryan Ferrante
Academic Advisor III
Political Science Department
2287 Faculty Administration Building

Co-Chair, Community Service Committee
Harman Signh
Academic Advisor II
Anthropology Department
3041 Faculty Administration Building

Co-Chair, Community Service Committee 
Shawntae Harris Mintline
Academic Advisor II
College of Education
489 Education Bldg.

University Advising Center