Referral skills

Deciding Whether To Refer:

  • What is the problem?
  • Am I qualified to offer the needed assistance?
  • What office or person may be able to offer the needed assistance?

Making The Referral

Explain the reason for referral in a clear and open manner.

  • What is the student's emotional reaction to the referral?
  • Is there a problem with the referral in general or to a specific referral resource?
  • What alternative referral resources might there be?

Explain fully the services which can be obtained from the resource person or office you are recommending.

Personalize the experience by giving the student the name of the contact person and give directions to the office if necessary.

Discuss with the student any need for transfer of data or records and obtain the student's permission for the transfer.

Assist the student in formulating questions to ask or approaches to take.

Provide the referral resource with all the information essential for helping the student.

Follow up

  • Did the student request assistance of resource?
  • What is the student's evaluation of the help received from the referral resource?
  • Was the resource selected the appropriate one for the student?

Adapted from Advising Skills, Techniques, and Resources, ACT.

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