Hints for effective advising

  1. Care about advisees as people by showing empathy, understanding, and respect.
  2. Show interest, helpful intent, and involvement.

  3. Be a good listener.

  4. Provide accurate information.

  5. Know how to make referrals, and be familiar with referral sources.

  6. Don't make decisions for the student; help them make their own decisions.

  7. Focus on advisee's strengths and potentials rather than on limitations.

  8. Determine reasons for poor academic performance and direct advisees to appropriate support services.

  9. Be realistic with advisees.

  10. Use all available information sources.

  11. Keep anecdotal records of significant conversations for future reference.

  12. Don't be critical of other staff or faculty to advisees.

  13. Encourage advisees to talk by asking open-ended questions.

  14. Don't betray confidential information.

  15. Categorize advisee's questions; are they seeking action, information, or involvement and understanding.

  16. Be yourself and allow advisees to be themselves.

Adapted from Advising Skills, Techniques, and Resources, ACT

University Advising Center