Get Engaged Repository

The Get Engaged Repository is a joint initiative by the Academic Advising Council (AAC) and Advisor Training Academy (ATA). It was created as a way to centralize the multitude of opportunities for advisor involvement in campus committees, boards, and organizations across six specific areas. Advisors are encouraged to utilize each repository to research and seek out service and professional development opportunities of interest on campus.  

Special thanks to Working Group members Kate Bernas, Dan Hanrath, Robert Hellar, Elizabeth Hill, Margaret MacKeverican, Monika Saladiak, and Helen Wilson for their work compiling this data. If you have additions or edits, please reach out to Margaret MacKeverican at


Academic Advising Council (AAC) Committees

The Academic Advising Council is a group of academic staff whose duties involve academic advising. This list describes the many ways to get involved with the AAC, including leadership roles and committees.

AAC document link

College/Unit Specific Committees

Advisors can use this repository to review the opportunities specific to their home college or unit.

College/Unit document link

Identity-Based Associations/Committees

The opportunities listed here are those based on WSU staff member social identity and/or advocacy area. 

Identity-based document link

Student Population-Based Committees:

The opportunities listed here are for groups based on specific student populations. These groups work toward advocating for those student populations and identifying and dismantling barriers they encounter.

Student population-based document link

Union Affiliated

Union-affiliated committees are for advisors who wish to serve on committees related to union initiatives or support for represented staff

Union document link

University Committees

The committees listed here represent university-wide groups on which advisors can serve.

University committee document link

University Advising Center