Past award recipients

The Advising Awards selection committee would like to congratulate our current and past advising award recipients.

2021 Recipients

Advising Spirit Award

Rebecca Russell
Department of Biological Sciences

"Rebecca helped provide me with motivation, ideas, and even best practices on variety of student situations. I felt empowered, because she had experienced most of the issues I was having and it made me feel less alone within our more siloed advising structure. Rebecca's mentorship has made me a better advisor. She's an advisor with a high caseload who still manages to pursue her academic and professional development interests. She does this all while serving her students in a timely and caring manner. She's pushed when I needed to be pushed and supported when I needed extra support. Rebecca serves as a great role model for new advisors aspiring to do it all: support students, develop professionally, and serve the campus and advising community."
-Margaret MacKeverican, Dept. of Public Health

Outstanding Academic Advisor

Corinne Forys
Department of Psychology

"Corinne treats every student she encounters with empathy, compassion and care...Corinne dedicates all of her attention to her students during appointments and ensures that they have a clear understanding of their next steps and that they have access to resources. She draws upon her own experiences as a student and professional to personally touch each student, and ensures consistent follow-up to show the students she cares. Corinne represents the best of the Wayne State Advising community. She is the Advisor I strive to be, and motivates me on a daily basis."
- Harman Singh, Dept. of Psychology

"Corinne is the epitome of advising excellence and is a shining example of a student-focused advisor. She always welcomes her students with genuine warmth and enthusiasm. She works hard to establish relationships, remembering personal details from one interaction to the next which makes students feel important and that their success matters."
- Shelly Seguin, Dept. of Psychology

Outstanding New Academic Advisor

Josh McGruther
Office of Military and Veterans Academic Excellence

"Joshua started working in OMVAE, assessed his responsibilities and developed tools and processes to streamline the work. He innovatively utilizes his critical thinking, business and kind-hearted-ness to provide effective and efficient advising services....There is not a task or role that he backs down from. He is an exemplary example of a professional ASO / Academic Advisor that contributes to the success of serving the military community at WSU. Besides all the above, he is a nice person to work with."
- Denise Thomas, OMVAE


Outstanding Advising Team


Mike Ilitch School of Business Advising Team:
Selvana Evans
Bianca Harris
Jay Jessen (not pictured)
Heather Laskos
Patricia Michno
Janet Mick
Louise Moceri
Brandi Walthall-Johnson
Mary Zinser

"The Hessler Center advisors (MISB Team) were an exceptional team before the pandemic, and over the past year they have been amazing! They have risen to the occasion whether it be working with students during orientation, probation, registration, or graduation. Our goal is to always become a partner with our business students to help each student reach their educational goals. Producing successful and happy WSU alumni is what the Hessler team is all about!"
-Linda Zaddach, Assistant Dean, MISB


Transfer Advising Champion

Margaret MacKeverican

Margaret MacKeverican, Department of Public Health

"Margaret is known across campus as a dedicated advisor, with a genuineness and authenticity that helps break down any perceived barriers between her and her advisees. This kind of advising style demands bravery and humility. It is also deeply rooted in an understanding that transfer students –while not "first time in any college" –may indeed need help navigating the transition to a 4-year institution and learning anew its different policies and procedures....Transfer students in the Department of Public Health never have to muddle or make do –they have the privilege of working with one of the best advisors on campus."
- Dr. Patricia Wren, Chair, Dept. of Public Health

Past Recipients

2020 Awardees
Outstanding Academic Advisor - Ryan Ferrante, Department of Political Science
Outstanding New Academic Advisor - Harman Singh, Department of Psychology & Shawntae Mintline, College of Education
Outstanding Advising Team - Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy & Health Science Advising Team
Transfer Advising Champion - Joyce Lien, College of Engineering

2019 Awardees
Outstanding Academic Advisor - Amanda Horwitz, Pre-med & Health Science Center
Outstanding New Academic Advisor - Erin Wiseman, College of Fine, Performing & Communication Arts
Outstanding Advising Team - Dept. of Biological Sciences Advising Team
Advising Spirit Award - Laura Hetzler, Pre-med & Health Science Center

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