Past award recipients

The Advising Awards selection committee would like to congratulate our current and past advising award recipients.

2022 Recipients

Outstanding Academic Advisor

Stacie Moser, Departments of Sociology and Criminology & Criminal Justice

"...Over my entire academic career as a faculty member, department chair, senior associate dean, and associate provost at both research and teaching intensive universities, Ms. Moser stands out as the most competent and engaged academic advisor with whom I haveworked.....In short, Stacie is a gem. My department and, indeed, the entire university are most fortunate to have her as a member of our team."
- Dr. Jeffrey Kentorm Professor, WSU Dept. of Sociology

"[Stacie] supports and advocates for students, displays a caring, helpful attitude toward students, peers, staff, and faculty. She also demonstrates a vast knowledge of academic policies and procedures, as well as university services and resources.....Stacie has had the opportunity to work with many non-traditional students. These students are often working adults that come with a unique set of rewards and challenges. To give a few examples, Stacie has successfully navigated classroom access for a student with a stroke, has spent countless hours teaching students technology fundamentals such as how to access campus email and use a computer, and has even used her editing skills to teach students how to write professionally. It is evident to me that advising is more than just a job for Stacie, she truly cares,"
 - Ranae Hamama, Associate Director, WSU Transfer Student Success Center


Outstanding New Academic Advisor

Lauren Orr, Department of Public Health

"Lauren is a staunch advocate for our students and their success. This is one of the things I admire most about her. She goes to bat for our students. She's not afraid to question policies that don't align with her values and open the discussion for revision of those policies. We need more academic advisors willing to question inequitable policies and procedures. Lauren also goes the extra mile for our students."
 - Margaret MacKeverican, Dept. of Public Heatlh

"Lauren is an innovative advisor who works across a range of departmental contexts. She has embraced our department's use of participatory and shared governance to the fullest extent. Sheworkswell in collaborativesettings, fosteringopen conversations in order to collectively reach the best decisions and foster student success. Lauren has evidenced an ability to present a balanced point of view and advocate effectively for students."
- Dr. Patricia Wren, Chair, Dept. of Public Health


Outstanding Academic Advising Team


Pre-med and Health Science Center Team:
Tyrone Austin
Arnelle Douglas
Laura Hetzler
Amanda Horwitz
Desmond Mack
Helen Wilson
Kate Bernas

"...The team demonstrates a true investment in the lives of the students they advise. They celebrate their successes, they suffer their frustrations, and help them see the next steps in their education, whatever they may be. This means caring for students while helping them develop and learn how to make important decisions for themselves. We find the PMHSC team to be a true model of what an advising team should strive to be."
 - Moira Fracassa, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

"Their collective energy helps create an environment that supports not only the academic needs of students but they also challenge students to be the best and most competitive applicant, engage in professional development, and pursue volunteer and work experiences to round out their application and credentials."
 - Cheryl Kollin, Sr. Director, University Advising Center

Transfer Advising Champion

Patricia Michno, Mike Ilitch School of Business Administration

"When asked to assist students transferring, Pat's responses to students are thorough, timely, and accurate.  She follows up with students and is willing to meet with them in person.  Students appreciate her willingness to evaluate their transfer credits and give them the most accurate transfer plan for business degrees. Pat is an expert on the often difficult to understand articulation agreements between Wayne State and our community college partners. Wayne State would not have the amount of Schoolcraft transfer students without Pat."
 - Doug Peacock, University Advising Center 

"Her personality is engaging and positive and she always makes students extremely welcomed. She takes a genuine interest in the success of each student she advises. Patricia is a dedicated advisor and her advising style is one of caring and honesty. She is comfortable giving students some "tough love" when that is needed, and, as a result of her frankness, she has gained the respect of her advisees."
 - Linda Zaddach, Assistant Dean, MISB

Past Recipients

2021 Awardees
Outstanding Academic Advisor - Corinne Forys, Dept. of Psychology
Outstanding New Academic Advisor - Josh McGruther, OMVAE
Outstanding Advising Team - Mike Ilitch School of Business Advising Team
Transfer Advising Chanpion - Margaret MacKeverican, Dept. of Public Health
Advising Spirit Award - Rebecca Russell, Dept. of Biological Sciences

2020 Awardees
Outstanding Academic Advisor - Ryan Ferrante, Department of Political Science
Outstanding New Academic Advisor - Harman Singh, Department of Psychology & Shawntae Mintline, College of Education
Outstanding Advising Team - Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy & Health Science Advising Team
Transfer Advising Champion - Joyce Lien, College of Engineering

2019 Awardees
Outstanding Academic Advisor - Amanda Horwitz, Pre-med & Health Science Center
Outstanding New Academic Advisor - Erin Wiseman, College of Fine, Performing & Communication Arts
Outstanding Advising Team - Dept. of Biological Sciences Advising Team
Advising Spirit Award - Laura Hetzler, Pre-med & Health Science Center

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