Thank an Advisor

We know the difference an academic advisor can make in a student's academic journey.  They play a major role in helping students navigate the world of higher education, can be critical problem solvers for a variety of issues, and often provide that much needed dose of encouragement to get students through a program, a semester, or even just the week! 

If an advisor has made a difference in your educational journey, why not thank them? The "Thank an Advisor" program allows you to express your gratitude in writing to your advisor. You can remain anonymous (to the recipient) or include your name.

Notes will be briefly screened and then sent to the advisor at the beginning of each month. If both you and your advisor agree, excerpts from your note may appear on our "Thank an Advisor" webpage for inspiration as well as narrative "evidence" of both the impact and outcomes of academic advising at Wayne State University.

Thank an Advisor

Thank and Advisor Excerpts

Christie Pagel, Mike Ilitch School of Business
"I left my appointment today feeling both nervous and excited for my future as a CPA, Christie has helped me plan every semester to help me achieve my goals....I never could have gotten this far, with as much ease, if it wasn't for her."

Grego Sikora Mowers, College of Nursing
"Thank you for always checking up and showing you care about all of us nursing students. You're the best and you truly are appreciated!"

Corinne Forys, Dept. of Psychology
"Thank you for being there throughout the ups and downs that college can bring. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have you as my advisor....It is people like you that continue to inspire their students each and everyday."

Avanti Herczeg, Dept. of Art and Art History
"Wow. You've been so incredibly helpful this year, you truly have super-powers. I'm very grateful that you've jostled, contorted, squished, squeezed and bent my schedule into a shape that permits me to complete everything I need as a transfer student to graduate.... I wasn't sure it would be possible but you've made it happen, and responded patiently to all my questions and random emails along the way. Thank you!"

Amanda Horwitz, Pre-med and Health Science Center
"You have been nothing but supportive and encouraging and have always made sure that you are honest with me. When I was struggling and was still adamant with you that this was the path for me, you believed in me and it really helped me push through....I finally feel that I am in a good place and things are only getting better. I appreciate you so much for all that you do."

Stephanie Chastain, Dept. of Computer Science
"Every time I have a question or need perspective or help understanding expectations, you've given me a realistic idea of what I am going to go through each and every semester. I really think without all your help I would not be where I am today, and I absolutely love going to classes and the material I am learning is mind blowing. I know it's a job for you, but you do it above and beyond...Every student in the computer science department is fortunate to have someone like you guide us through our degree program. Thank you for everything you do!"

Kimberly Hunter, Dept. of Biological Sciences
"Thank you so much for being an incredible advisor and an incredible listener. You constantly help me put things into perspective and prepare me for great things in the future. Thank you!"

Jay Jessen, Mike Ilitch School of Business
"Thank an Advisor is such a small thing to do for Jay who has helped me so much in my time at Wayne State University.....Jay was very clear and straight forward with what...I needed to do to graduate. He was also supportive and told me he believed in me even when my grades may not have backed it up. Jay truly believes in the people he helps and wants to see them succeed in college, and have a full career and life."

Shantalea Johns, School of Social Work
Within a major university it is easy to just feel like a number. I came to your office when you offered weekend walk-ins. Not only were you helpful but you really listened and remembered our conversation. That meant a lot to me.... I just want you to know it feels good to know you really care for our success and well-being inside and outside the classroom. You're appreciated!

Helen Wilson, University Advising Center
"Thank you Helen! For continuing to guide me with my academic career, you are a great help and your advising has lead me to the right path!"

James Fortune, Dept. of Theatre and Dance
"You have been such a source of good and inspiration in the department - a person that literally ANYONE can turn to for anything. Always pointing us in the right direction with such positivity and reality, giving us guidance when we need it - and not just about academics. I'm pretty sure that you already know you're fantastic, but in case you didn't, I'm telling you now."

Stacie Moser, Dept. of Sociology
"Stacie is the reason I decided to attend Wayne State. Upon my admission she laid out an entire course plan for me and gave suggestions on which teachers to take. She is always open to meet with me and always goes above and beyond to help out. I can say in full honesty that without her help, I probably would have left Wayne State and attended another school."

Fawne Allossery, Dept. of Kinesiology
"Thank you for being the best advisor I have had in my whole college career. You have directed, guided and encouraged me through a wonderful experience here at Wayne State. You go above and beyond to make sure students succeed and it shows. Thank you for being easy to speak with and always available to give guidance.​​​​​​"

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