Stand alone modules

The Advisor Training Curriculum below is offered in a hybrid format with three modules being held in-person (virtually or in-person) and three modules, along with the prerequisite requirements, being completed through a self-paced Canvas course.  All six modules are meant to be experienced by new advisors and will lead to Level 1 certification. Experienced advisors would qualify for Level 1 certification with modules 4, 5, and 6. The training calendar provides an overview of the full ATA schedule. Please email to inquire about completing the modules below.

Advisor training modules

  1. Overview of WSU and Advising - Offered online
    • Organizational charts
    • The WSU model – Discussion of the decentralized model. Examples of School/College differences (credits for degree, residency rules, probation, etc.)
    • Description of main collaborative offices: Student Service Center, Transfer Credit, Degree Works, DOSO, ASC, etc.
    • WSU acronyms, terms and emails
  2. Overview of Advising Roles, Tasks, and Functions - TBA
    • The Appointment 
    • Advising as Teaching
    • Logistics – notes, follow-up emails, etc.
  3. Essential Policies and Procedures - TBA
    • Student Populations
      • Veteran
      • Athletes
      • International
    • SAP
    • FERPA
  4. A WSU Degree – Discussing General Education and a Liberal Arts Education - Offered online
    • Competencies
    • Group Requirements
  5. Multicultural Competency  - Offered online
  6. The Art of Referring - TBA
    • Counseling and Psychological Services
    • Student Disability Services
    • Academic Success Center

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