Wayne State University

Noel Levitz

The Ruffalo Noel-Levitz College Student Inventory (CSI) is an online survey administered to entering freshmen prior to them beginning their college coursework. The 20 minute inventory is designed to assess non-cognitive indicators of student success along various scales and clustered in 3 areas:

  • Academic motivation
  • General coping
  • Receptivity to assistance and support

The survey also has questions related to student demographics as well as 15 that are specific to WSU. The goal of the CSI is to help identify incoming students who are at risk with respect to the measured scales in order to provide them with the interventions that they need to persist. Because the student, the advisor, and the administration all have access to the data in different ways, interventions can be personalized to the individual student, but can also inform campus-wide retention strategies as well.

The Noel Levitz Mid-Year Student Assessment (MYSA) is a companion survey to the CSI that is administered at the end of the first term to those freshmen who completed the CSI. The goal of the MYSA is to reassess certain motivational scales from the CSI in order to compare and determine the effectiveness of early interventions and support services provided. The survey also allows students to share their specific interests and needs as compared to those from the CSI along with their current institutional impressions and satisfaction. 

Advisors who work with freshmen students are provided access to the students in the school or college in which they advise. Contact Ken Smith, eg2960@wayne.edu, in the University Advising Center for assistance with this access.

Training on the CSI is offered during the late summer and as needed throughout the year. MYSA training is offered toward the end of the fall term or early in the winter term. Refer to the ATA Training Calendar or contact Kate Bernas, ab9599@wayne.edu, for training information.